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Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovations

Imagine the possibilities of your bathroom renovation. Picture it: As soon as you sink into the soothing water of your luxury tub, your troubles melt away. The whirlpool jets start massaging the tension from your back; you feel like you’re in heaven. You’re loving the bliss only a whirlpool tub can provide.

Sound like a dream, right?

Now imagine that the contractor messed up your dream bathroom renovation. Instead of being blissful, it’s a headache. Every morning, when you take your shower, the pipes in the wall bang as you turn on the water. Or even worse, those pipes leak, and water trickles down the inside of your walls. You notice the smell of mold growing beneath the tiles in your brand new bathroom.

When untrained, unlicensed contractors attempt to install plumbing as part of a bathroom renovation, they put your whole project at risk for failure. So, when you’re thinking about a bathroom renovation, consider bringing out an expert you already trust, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Get a feel for both our bathroom renovation specialties AND the pitfalls of trusting your plumbing to anyone less than an expert.


Bathrooms have come a long way since the antique days of clawfoot brass tubs. Essentially now, if you can dream it, you can do it—and we’re happy to help.

We offer luxury choices that let your personal bathroom rival a five star spa. Or, we have solutions to make your tub and shower safer and more accessible as you age. These are some of the most popular bathroom renovation upgrades that we offer.

Popular Bathroom Renovation Luxury Options

Whirlpool Tub

whirlpool tub


The epitome of a home spa, a whirlpool tub is one of the most sought after features in a bathroom renovation. A whirlpool tub features pumps that send soothing jets of air through the water, creating a massaging feeling. Installing whirlpool tubs is a specialty of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Standalone Luxury Shower

luxury shower


The typical home features a combination shower and bath. When homeowners remodel, they often opt for spacious stand-up shower. These modern fixtures often come with tile walls and glass doors, and pairs well with a whirlpool tub.

Advanced Shower Nozzle

shower head


In addition to the showers themselves, homeowners often love to install upscale shower heads. These provide varying pressures and patterns to make your shower time all the more soothing. Once again, we offer these deluxe shower upgrades.

Accessibility Options

Walk-in tubs and shower


These accessibility focused showers and tubs are perfect for the elderly and people with disabilities. The handicap-accessible designs eliminate the biggest hurdle to getting into a typical bath or shower: the edge.  By removing that obstacle, many people can feel safe and comfortable about taking a shower on their own where previously they didn’t.

In addition, we also install other safety features in our tubs, such as: grab bars, anti-slip floors, handheld nozzles, and shower seats.

Read more about our specialty fixtures and features.


When you think about your bathroom renovation project, you think about the final result. Either a spa-quality retreat from the stresses of the world or the chance for a loved one take a shower as safely as possible.

You might not think about it, but a bathroom renovation is also a complicated plumbing system renovation. One that you can’t trust to just anyone.

For your bathroom renovation, working with a home builder or interior designer makes sense—that’s their area of expertise.  However, to save money in their budget, they often attempt the plumbing work themselves or hire a cheaper plumbing alternative.

Anyone other than a licensed expert plumber is liable to make mistakes—especially when faced with the pressure of home renovation deadline.

Read this news story about the risk of unqualified plumbers.

Common Plumbing Pitfalls

These are two of the most common bathroom renovation plumbing problems from using a contractor—not a plumber.

Mismatched pipes: When we connect water pipes, we do it accurately. Careless contractors often connect incompatible or incorrectly sized pipes, not knowing the difference. After all, they aren’t plumbers. This permanent issue creates a loud banging sound every time you turn on the water. Furthermore, as you might guess, mismatched pipes are a CONSTANT risk for leaks. This simple problem turns your dream bathroom into a loud, moldy, leaky nightmare.

Dangerous pipes NOT removed: A bathroom renovation is a great opportunity for a plumber to inspect your water pipes. Your old water pipes might be made of the poisonous metal lead—a plumber will notice and act fast. Or, your decades-old pipes might simply be a risk to burst. A non-expert plumber might let that slide in order to move on to the next job—or they simply might not recognize the danger.


Don’t let a non-expert’s ignorance or carelessness sabotage your dream. Get Benjamin Franklin Plumbing involved from the beginning stages.

If you start working with a designer or a home building contractor, let them know that you have a preference for your plumbing installation specialist. Accept expert help only; bring in Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for your bathroom renovation.


We have the expertise installing the bathroom features you want and need.

Best of all, we have the skills and experience to ensure your bathroom renovation goes smoothly—no errors and no mistakes, meaning no pipe banging and no mold.

Work with us and experience your luxury bathroom as a little piece of heaven.

Contact us to discuss your dream bathroom renovation and for all of your plumbing needs.

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