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When you have a problem with your well, you need a plumber with well experience. We diagnose and remedy well pump failures, well pressure tank & well pressure switch failures, and water quality problems. Contact our well experts 24/7 to install, repair, and maintain your well systems.

Well Pump Service

When your well pump fails, your household runs dry. That means, no drinking water, no showers, and a few days camped out in a hotel. You don’t have time to waste — you need a plumber who is a well expert with decades of experience. Our specialists can repair or replace your well pump to restore water to your home. We can also provide the professional maintenance to ensure your well stays operational year round.

Well Pressure Tanks & Well Pressure Switches

Your pressure tank monitors the water pressure in your house, and the pressure switch activates your well pump. If either of those important components fail, you have the same experience as if your well pump died. A house without drinking water, showers, and sanitation doesn’t feel much like a home at all. Bring out our well experts to restore your water — ASAP!

Well Water Filtration Service

Well water is a fantastic option for many homes, but it requires more filtration than water from a municipal supply. Without professional filtration, well water has been shown to contain a higher level of chlorine, bacteria, sediment, and even harmful chemicals. Partner with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to ensure the water you use on a daily basis is pure and healthy.  Contact us to discuss your filtration options with a well water specialist.

Well Water Inspection

Are you about to buy a home that relies on a well? You need a professional well inspection. Before you sign the papers, we can examine your well system and provide professional testing for your water. Contact our well water specialists to ensure your well and your water will sustain your family for years to come.